Be Careful : How to Factory Reset iPhone (Any Generation)

Up-to-Date: How To Factory Reset iPhone In 3 Seconds (Any iPhone)

It can happen that your device is disabled trough a multiple wrong access or locked and you can't anymore access to your device which is considered actually not working until you know how to reset your iphone.

Well, today's post is to assure you and show you exactly a solution to refresh and reactivate your phone but you should consider that as cleaning process and you'll lose all your content because I'll show you how to factory reset your disabled or locked iphone and it works on all Apple devices from 3g to iphone 6.

This is an Step-by-step video tutorial showing you how to reset iphone in minutes to refresh it and bring life to it. This process takes only few minutes and with no technical knowledge, even my mom can do it.

This method works on all iDevices running any iOS version. Don't spend time to find the right tutorial for your device, bookmark this page and start using it on all your devices.

How to Reset iPhone Without Passcode:

Step 1: Wire Your iPhone to iTunes

Plug Your iPhone to itunes

Step 2: Backup Your iPhone

Backup your iPhone

Step 3: Restore Your iPhone

Restore Your iPhone

Here's a video tutorial:

How to Factory Reset iPhone Without iTunes:

Step 1: Restore your iPhone

Step 2: Access the Reset menu

Reset menu on iPhone

Step 3: Reset your iPhone

Erase All Content and Settings

Here's a video tutorial:

If you have any questions, Feel free to contact me or to write it in the comment section. I answer all the comments

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