11 Jailbreak Info You Need to Know Before Jailbreaking Your Iphone

So, you’ve gone ahead and bought yourself that shiny new iPhone 6. It’s a bit boring though, isn’t it?  All your friends have these flashy-looking iPhones that do things Apple wouldn’t dream of letting you do.

11 Jailbreak Info You Need to Know

That’s where jailbreaking iphone comes in.  Most people have heard of this term but if you’ve never jailbroken your iPhone before or you are new to the jailbreak scene, you will hear an awful lot of words and terms that you have never heard before.  These are the terms we recommend you learn so you understand what jailbreaking is all about.

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1.         Jailbreak – The obvious one to start with but not everyone knows exactly what a jailbreak is.  It is a piece of software that breaks into the root of Apple’s operating system and allows you download third-party apps and customize your iPhone 5 how you want to.

2.         Unlocking – Often a term that goes hand in hand with jailbreaking. This process cuts through the restrictions your carrier has placed on your iPhone 5 and lets you use any SIM card from any carrier. Some of the older jailbreak software contains unlocking software as well so that both can be done at the same time. Unfortunately, you probably won’t find unlocking software for the new iPhones, such as the iPhone 5, but you should still understand what it’s all about.

3.         Cydia – This is the jailbreak version of the App store. It contains thousands of different apps and tweaks that you can use to change the way your iPhone 5 looks and works. Each app or tweak is stored within something called a repository.  Beware of pirated apps though – apps and tweaks that are submitted to Cydia do not go through the same security checks that those submitted to the official Apple app store do.

4.         DFU – This is a term you will hear a lot of if you are intending to jailbreak your iPhone 5. It stands for Device Firmware Update and, while communicating with iTunes, it will bypass the iOS operating system. DFU is a vital part of jailbreaking as, without it, you just can’t jailbreak your iPhone 5.

5.         SHSH Blobs – A strange piece of terminology but a vital one if you ever want to downgrade your firmware. SHSH blobs are a tiny piece of Apple’s data, needed as part of the Signature protocol.  Apple stop signing older versions of iOS when a new release comes out so saving these on a regular basis lets you downgrade if you need to.

6.         Springboard – If you have a desktop computer, you will have a desktop, where all your icons are located. On an iPhone 5, this is called the Springboard. It is basically the user interface that all of your apps and settings are accessed from.

7.         IPSW – This is another very common term you will hear in the jailbreak community. An IPSW is the file extension of all iOS firmware files and there will be a different one for each model of iPhone 5.

8.         Mobile Substrate – The Mobile Substrate is an extension that Jay Freeman, the man responsible for Cydia, created.  Why? So that you could have access to all those wonderful apps that allow you to transform your iPhone 5 into a thing of real beauty.

9.         Repository – Because there are so many different developers who submit their apps to Cydia, each one makes their own database. These databases are called repositories. If you are looking for an app by a specific developer, it is best to add their repository to Cydia, although there are several major ones already included as standard.  Each repository contains a number of different apps, tweaks and packages for you to choose from.

10.       Tethered Jailbreak software falls into two categories. Tethered software is used mainly on older models of iPhone. It isn’t the best type of jailbreak because it requires that, when you boot your iPhone up, it has to be plugged into your computer and the software you used to jailbreak it originally helps it to boot up in a jailbroken state. Sometimes, a tethered jailbreak will be released before an untethered one just to get it out into the public domain.

11.       Untethered – This is the second category of jailbreak software and is the more common, and recommended, type, especially for newer devices like the iPhone 5.  Once you have jailbreak your iPhone 5, nothing else is needed; it will boot into a jailbroken state every time.

While there are many more jailbreak info in existence, these are the main ones, the ones that will probably have you scratching your head in confusion when you hear them. Hopefully, everything is a little bit clearer now and you can jailbreak your iPhone 5 with complete confidence.
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