SOLVED: How to Fix iPhone Stuck In Boot Loop

Iphone Stuck In Boot Loop? Here's How To Fix It Without Losing Data

Iphone boot loop is a common problem among Iphone users and everyone has faced this at least one time with iPhone.

Iphone stuck in boot loop? Don't worry about that, I have the best solution and I'll show you step by step how to fix it but let me tell you my story.

Yesterday, I was on my way to home then I installed a tweak called "Linkstore" , my iPhone resprings and didn't want to restart. Result => Iphone stuck in boot loop and don't want to show up.

I searched on youtube, google and forums about solutions but none of them have bypassed the logo. Here's some solution that I tested and didn't work and can work for you.

I recommend this tips, It helped many people but didn't work for me. Test it but if you always stuck in boot loop after 5 minutes of holding on then test my solution below It'll work guaranteed.

This method works but you should've already a backup in your cloud or computer to launch it after the hard reset.

Still stuck in boot loop ? don't worry, the best is for the last.

What I'll give you, is the best solution that you can ever see...

Even if your system crashs because It'll replace all of your damaged system files such as boot file in this case and then reboot the system safely without losing any data.

Notice: Your system will be upgraded to iOS 9 unless if you have the ipsw file of you current version.

STEP 1 : Download Wondershare Dr.Fone For Iphone

Step 1 : Install "drfone-for-ios_full1283.exe"

Step 2 : Crack it with "wondershare.dr.fone.for.ios.5.5.0-MPT.exe"

STEP 2 : Fix iOS to normal

Plug your Iphone in your computer, click on repair operating system then click NEXT. Step 2, Upload your ipsw file after downloading it and click Start.

STEP 3 : Iphone Stuck In Boot Loop? I don't think so. Enjoy

Dr. Fone for Iphone is a great tool. I had no idea about it before but I tested it and I agree that is powerful and worth investing.

I gave you a cracked version to test it but if you love it don't be miser and invest on it.

It'll help you get solve major Iphone problem such as system crash, data recovery (Contacts recovery, Calls recovery, Images recovery, Whatsapp conversations recovery...)

If you've tested Dr.Fone before, tell us about your experience and how it helped you.
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