What Is Facebook Reactions and How To Use It On iOS

How To Use Facebook Reactions On iOS

What is Facebook Reactions?

Days ago, Facebook released a new feature on its social network that they called "Facebook Reactions". In this post, I show you how to use Facebook Reactions on iOS, I talk about the "Facebook Reactions" feature and its impact.

Since 2011, Facebook users didn't stop asking Facebook for a dislike button and now Facebook answers with a more better feature having more than the dislike button.

Beside the famous "Like" button, you can find also a "Love", "Haha", "Sad", "Wow", "Angry" by which you can express your reactions to a post, photo or a video. This is a great feature that no other social network did before.

My opinion : I find that the "Facebook Reactions" name doesn't suit the icons, and I better call them "Facebook Feelings". In my opinions, this is a great feature while it'll change the way how people reacts to the posts on Facebook and more than that, the pages' owners will have more insights about their posts and how they can improve them to make the "Buzz".

How to Use Facebook Reactions on iOS?

While "Morethanbig" talks about iOS, I'll show only the way how you can use the Reactions icons on iOS.

Facebook made it as easy as the like button unless a little difference between how you can "Like" a post and How you can "Wow", "Haha", "Sad", "Angry", "Love" it.

What you find first is the Like button then you should use a little "Holding" on your screen to "pop" the other Facebook Reactions icons.

Here's exactly how you can use Facebook reactions button:
  1. Hold the "like" button.
  2. It'll show you 5 Facebook Reactions icons.
  3. Keep holding then move your finger to any of these icons then let down.
  4. It's done
I hope you enjoy this post. 

What are your thoughts about the new "Facebook Reactions" Feature?

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