How to Get the iPhone 6s Front Camera Flash On any iPhone

Since 2 years ago, Selfie is becoming the trendiest kind of photo, or the ideal photo position that you should take to get a lot of likes on Facebook and therefore get more exposure online. However, lightening is considered to be the crucial factor to make a successful selfie. Basically, Apple consider the iPhone screen light as the flash for older iPhone versions than iPhone 6s.
Apple has added a front camera flash on iPhone 6s to remedy this “Thing that I consider as a flaw“. So, this simple tutorial is aimed for people with any iPhone version older than iPhone 6s. This is a simple step-by-step tutorial to download the right iPhone app to activate the iPhone 6s front camera flash and also how to use it to get the perfect lightening for your next selfies.
Notice :This isn’t the only way to get this feature on your iPhone, there are plenty ways out there but I highly recommend this as it is a trusted app by Apple.


First, Go to the App Store and look for “Take Selfies FREE” then select the app with the blue camera with flash at the top-right created by Wanaka Mobile LLC. This is a link to the app, I tested it on iPhone 5 and it worked perfectly.
After downloading the “iPhone 6s front camera flash”, open it up. You should see a selfie camera with the same flash icon in the iPhone 6s, tap on it and Make sure you look the best you can before the 3 seconds timer is cutdown.
After you triggered the timer, note that the brightness of your light depends on your display settings. Make sure you set your brightness to the max in order to get the best performance of its flash.
Before wrapping up, let’s do a before and after comparison to test this app and discover its power.
Tell you what, I am becoming more and more addicted to this. Not only me personally, but also my friends and relatives have ditched the old ways tof taking selfies by taking advantage of the oustanding outcome this app provides.
So, Let’s do it the JESUS way.

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