25 Brilliant Expert You Should Know to Get Your Ph.D in iOS

You used to find “How-to guides”, “Ways to solve problems” or “Apps & Tweaks”@ morethanbig.com.
Well. Today, I’m writing a post that is a little different… I won’t talk about Android I assure you, I’ll still give you iOS tips in a more different way.

What I share today is the cause why I started this blog, I’ll share with you “25 Apple Experts” that I check personally everyday and you should know to learn more and more about Apple products.

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These people were the grateful ever concerning iOS, iPhone and Apple products. They gave & are still giving me all what they’ve and they hide nothing (News, Tips & tricks, tutorials, how-to guides to speed up the learning process about Apple products everyday.)

This list is organized from A-Z.

Since 2008, 9to5mac was & still a good Apple magazine delivering over 30-50 tweets everyday, talking about Apple news, How-To Guides, tips & tricks, jailbreak news, gadgets and discounts.
I learned many things from this magazine and I check it everyday for news and Apps & Gadgets discounts.

Here are some of the best posts they’ve published this week:


This is the super-hero of best apps. They discover all the best apps that you can’t find anywhere else on the web and they explain in depth how to use it and for which purpose.

.. Also, they do Apps comparing. Its ‘How-To’ Category is not related to all Apple products but just to explain to you ‘How to use iPhone & iPad Apps’.

I’m thankful for the community.. It was very difficult for me to organize things and to be more productive in the past until I discovered this post.


AppleInsider is a little different from the others… In addition to news and deals, they offer reviews & Price Guides of all Apple products that you can find on Internet.

The next time before you purchase a product, don’t forget to take a look @ AppleInsider.com to check if there is any review.

Also, they have a forum where there are tons of questions related to iOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Jailbreak & Gadgets… You can ask any question and the community will look for a solution in the next few minutes.


When I’m angry, I know I need to play games then I look for an addicting iPhone game to get all the anger I hide out.

When It comes to finding an addicting iOS game, Appmodo is my best option.

I talk about this type of game that turns you from a businessman to a 8-year-old kid.


Appolicious is the iPhone & Android Apps search engine or the Google of Android & iOS Apps.

It’ll helps you search within million of Apps to find the one you love. I don’t use it a lot but seems that it delivers good results.

Cocoanetics is founded by Oliver Drobnik (iOS Developer, Trainer, Coach, iOS Tech Journalist and Speaker Wannabe).

Cocoanetics is a blog where you can find tweaks, apps, books and podcasts by the Twitter famous Oliver Drobnik.


Crazymikesapps, Top apps reviews ever…

The reason why I love this blog is the variety of apps reviews. Apps for productivity, Apps for finance or Apps for whatever.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it on CrazyMikesApps.com


This blog talks about the future of media and art combined together… This blog is revolutionary because it has a future vision and test any idea before its time.

Also It talks about security, It answers these 2 questions “How you can secure yourself from apps ?” and “How apps can spy on you and your life ?”

Here’s another magazine. What I love in Gizmodo, is the way how the site is designed and presented to make sure you can access the best content and profit from it.

Anyway, Gizmodo is well-dressed. :)

Featured Posts:

This is a well known guy publishing videos on youtube everyday. You should know him you may followed him to perform a jailbreak or a downgrade because at least once in your life 90% :)

Seriously, this guy is great. He published always news videos about jailbreak and cydia, great videos about the best apps of the month and also he explain in videos step by step to downgrade, upgrade or jailbreak an iPhone.

If you want to jailbreak your iPhone, I suggest you to follow this guy because of his great knowledge. He doesn’t upload videos just to upload videos but when he does videos he does it the right way and he doesn’t skip any step. 

If I should present iDownloadblog so I should become a ring announcer to present the Muhammad ali of sites... 

One thing that I should say, This site is CLASSIC and its KB (Knowledge base) will never expire...


It’s been a short time that I follow this magazine to get inspired about new ideas. This magazine is a good one. I didn’t have much to say about them but they are over expected.

Featured posts:

6 Ways to Free Memory and Speed Up Your iPhone
10 Facebook Messenger Tricks You Didn’t Know


iPhoneapplicationlist is an Free daily apps listing. It posts one free app and presents it every day.

What I like is their Twitter account, they share good listing time to time. It worths to be followed.

Jailbreak developer. Member of evad3rs. Follow me for iOS security and hacking stuff. That was Its presentation.

I don’t know about his name but he’s the owner of the Q/A Jailbreakqa.com. A site for you to ask any question related to iPhone & Jailbreak, there are tons of experts there.

Don’t be shy. Prepare your questions and get them out to the experts to have an answer.


Ray Wenderlich, an iPhone developer started blogging in the middle of 2009 and has been developing tons of useful iPhone apps. You can follow him on twitter, he is available and he answers personally to the most useful tweets and questions.

Prepare yourself to meet the greatest iPhone developer, Ray Wenderlich.

Here’s the Wenderlich portofolio of apps:



Sébastien is a contributor @ iDownloadblog , a site that I listed in this post. I’m not going to talk a lot about sébastien because I don’t know him but his vision of things is different.

Follow him on Twitter to get the most out of him.


When I discovered this, I was incredibly surprised by the amount of information like apps, tips, family manage, kids KB (Knowledge base, Apps development for kids, eBooks…), eBooks and more then my inner voice just suggested me to suggest this site to my mom and It was very useful for her and for me as a dad.

Check out the iPhone Mom blog


Apple magazine since 2007, they’ve started as Tuaw.com and switched to write on the famous Apple category on Engadget.com

This magazine is posting everyday about gadgets, Gaming, Product reviews. They are not dedicated only to Apple products but you can get many, many cool stuff from this site.


Do you like to play Street Fighter or any old game on your iDevice? Do you know how to do it? Everyone can play these games by installing an Emulator on iOS.

Zodttd is the guy who makes these emulators. If you are an emulator fan, don’t waste your time for looking for new emulators, updates and games. Just follow his Twitter account.


Stefan Esser is another great iOS developer and a podcasters, he tweets about jailbreak, iOS, iPhone development and he has a great youtube channel.

You can follow him on Twitter to get the most out of his iOS development tutorials.


MuscleNerd is a part of the “iPhone-dev” Jailbreaking Community. He’s a security tester and iPhone hacker. He gives advices time to time and you can learn a lot from him than in a 20$ hacking book.

Follow him on Twitter to learn more about iOS security and hacking.He’s one of the guys behind the UltraSn0w, RedSn0w and Pwnagetool.





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