No Longer Ask “How Do I Backup My iPhone ?” (Step by Step Guide)

No Longer Ask “How Do I Backup My iPhone ?

iPhones are stolen, forgotten on the bus or damaged physically or logically (System). After an iPhone crash with a lot of photos, bookmarks and settings inside.

What would you do to retrieve all of these datas on your new iPhone? Without any backup done, you can’t copy the data inside the damaged iPhone and the question is “How Do I Backup My iPhone ?”

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Backup concept has been introduced in the early 80’s by Oracle and It hasn’t been a very popular solution with the lack of storage and the classical backup structure, It was very difficult to do a backup and It wasn’t done by anyone but experts because it can broke all the system if it wasn’t done properly.

Nowadays with the Cloud computing and very specifically the iCloud concept that was introduced by Apple, Backup is very easy to do, you can do it with just 2 or 3 clicks.

We talk iPhone? yeah. There are many data type that you can back up from your iPhone that I consider as benefits also, like :
  • Backup your contacts
  • Backup your photos
  • Backup your bookmarks
  • Backup your calendars
  • Backup your settings
  • Backup Whatsapp
  • Backup Apps


Technobezz posted a great post about the 5 Advantages and disadvantages of backing up data with iCloud but In this post, I’ll show you other ways to do it so you can choose your best option depending on your iCloud storage and your iPhone storage.


One of the easiest way to backup your iPhone is Storing it to iCloud. Each Apple ID has 5GB of storage. You can also upgrade storage, at the moment Apple offers 50GB for 79p per month, 200GB for £2.49 a month, and 1TB for £6.99 a month.

Here’s the 3 easy steps to backup iPhone to iCloud:
  1. Create an iCloud account and connect it to your device.
  2. Settings > iCloud > Backup
  3. Toggle ON “iCloud Backup”
It’s done. Now, iPhone will automatically look at your data and backing it up to your iCloud if something new is found.


If you run out of iCloud storage space or the iCloud solution doesn’t suit your needs and you want to store a copy that you control on your computer, I have what you want.

There is another option to do an iPhone backup with iTunes to get a copy stored to your computer.

Performing this task need that you understand that there are two ways to do it. there is an automatic way, it means that anytime you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes will start to backing it up to your Computer and there is a manual backup that will get you involved anytime you have something new on your iPhone.

Personally I would go for the automatic back up.

To do that:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. Access your iPhone device from iTunes.
  3. Select This computer in the ‘Automatically Back Up’ Section.
  4. Select Encrypt iPhone backup to backup Health and Homekit data.
  5. Done. You’ll find your backup on the ‘Latest Backup’ section.
Any other way to back up your iPhone? Share with us your best solution and explain why, in the comments section.

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